Atex Asphalt Paving the Benefits of Sealcoating:

* Sealing prevents the damaging effects of oxidation and water penetration. It is known that the accumulation of moisture in pavement structures is the greatest cause of pavement distress, also the effects of gas,oil and salt can cause asphalt more damage.

* Sealer restores asphalt paving and greatly enhances the appearance of the paved areas as,driveways,parking lots,schools,churches,horse barns,warehouse,storage  or private and public roads.

* CURB APPEAL is vital to all Commercial or Residential property.Customers' and tenants' first impression of your property as they drive up is the "Curb Appeal (the driveway or parking lots ).

* Sealcoating  ensures a positive first impression by enhancing the appearance of your home driveway or rental parking lot property. Sealcoating makes old asphalt paving look refreshed and can protect new paving from future wear and tear from the elements.Sealcoat is a  smart investment for your asphalt paving areas as, driveways,parking lots, private or public roads,horse barn,storage or warehouse parking lot areas.

Atex Asphalt Paving and Sealcoating,
Works around your business schedule, helping keep your business operating while under paving maintenance,working on weekends if needed.

* If we can serve your paving needs now or in the future please give us a call or E-mail. We will try to be,when and where you need us. No job to large or small - Quality work at Affordable Prices              Call: 817- 894 -1336
Sealcoating  asphalt is the Life of  parking lots , driveways ,streets, roads
It  also adds "Curb Appeal"
Atex Asphalt Paving  bring "Curb Appeal" property value
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Benefits of Sealcoating:

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