COST EFFECTIVE  For asphalt  paving Large or Small areas
Driveways * Parking Lots  * Roads

* Subdivisions  *  Private Ranch Roads
* Church Camps Roads * Schools * RV Parks

* Homes * Motels  * Hotels - * Private Resorts
Chip Seal is very cost effected for subdivision roads , large parking lots or private roads.

More About Chip Seal

* Chip seal is a pavement surface treatment that combines a layer(s) of asphalt with a layer(s) of fine aggregate.
In the United States, chip seals are typically used on rural roads carrying lower traffic volumes, and the
process is often referred to as "asphaltic surface treatment". used on a larger percentage of roads, both rural and urban.

* It is cheaper than resurfacing with asphalt paving ,In the United States, chip sealing is used in conjunction with
new road construction to make the road bed more durable and longer lasting.

* Chip seals are constructed by evenly distributing a thin base of hot asphalt onto an existing pavement or base and then embedding
finely graded aggregate into it.

* The aggregate is evenly distributed over the seal spray, then rolled into a smooth pavement surface.

* Chip Seal is cost effective for many  large or small business,
private driveways , parking lot paving projects.

Chip seal is more cost effected then asphalt paving for large areas.

* Driveways  * Private Roads * Rural / Urban Roads.,also chip seal is a great application for

* Subdivisions * Ranch Roads - Private Driveways * Churches / Camps  * RV Parks   * Golf Cart Path * Rural Roads. Atex Asphalt Paving has the asphalt paving skills to do a quality paving work  for affordable prices.
Subdivsion Before Chip Seal       After Chip Seal
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